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The Adorable Pokémon Vulpix Gets Its Very Own Aeroplane That Will Start Flying On December 1st In Japan



Pokémon is not a franchise that is a stranger to air travel, with Pikachu making appearances on planes since the series began in the 1990’s. A different Pokémon is going to be taking the spotlight during Japanese air travel this December though, with the cute and cuddly fox like fire type Vulpix adorning the side of a plane that will flying from the Japanese airline company AirDo at the beginning of December.

The Vulpix plane is known as the Rokon Jet Hokkaido– which translates to the Vulpix Jet Hokkaido in English- and has two different versions of the critter emblazoned upon it. The Kanto region Vulpix- the orangey brown fire type from our childhoods- will be on one side whilst the white and light blue Alolan ice type Vulpix from- you guessed it- the Alola region in the Pokémon universe will be on the other. The Vulpix plane is another part of the long running campaign to promote Japanese culture and tourism and seeing as Pokémon is one of the most successful franchises out there, its easy to see why they are chosen to act as ambassadors for their country. When I say ambassadors, I mean that literally, as there are different Pokémon that act as ambassadors for different municipalities throughout Japan. Vulpix acts as the promoter for one of the snowiest regions in Japan- Hoikkado- which is likely why the more modern Alolan ice type Vulpix is considered the “leader” of this promotion with the Kanto Vulpix being the “deputy”, as stated on the Pokémon Local Acts website. Vulpix was always one of my favourite Pokémon when I was growing up so I’m glad that they are being held on the kind of pedestal that was once only reserved for Pikachu.

The Vulpix plane- or the Rokon Jet Hokkaido- will begin its departures on December 1st, travelling from Haneda Airpot located in Tokyo, Japan. The plane will be travelling throughout Hokkaido, so you might want to be a book a non-Pokémon themed plane over to Japan if you’re thinking of taking a trip on the Vulpix aircraft.

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