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Talk AEW Podcast: Full Gear And Mr. Brodie Lee
Talk AEW Podcast: Full Gear And Mr. Brodie Lee


Talk AEW Podcast: Full Gear and Mr. Brodie Lee

AEW Podcast: Full Gear Predictions

This week on Talk AEW, we kick-off the show with what we hope to see included in the upcoming AEW wrestling video game and whether or not it will resemble our favourite wrestling video games from yesteryear, namely WWF No Mercy and WCW/nWo Revenge. Next, we discuss Mr. Brodie Lee’s journey in AEW and what the future holds for him and the Dark Order.

Our main event this week is all about the upcoming pay-per-view event Full Gear. We discuss what we think will happen and what we want to see happen. Will MJF join the Inner Circle? Will Darby Allin beat Cody? Will the Young Buck lose against FTR? And more importantly, will the John Silver/Orange Cassidy match be the highlight of the PPV? We answer all this and more!

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