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‘Super Smash Wars’: The Animated Crossover YouTube Series You Didn’t Know You Needed



I have discussed many a crossover in the blog as of late but the particular crossover I will be discussing here is one that has actually been around for a fair amount of time despite being recently updated.

Super Smash Wars is an animated mash up of- yep you guessed it- Super Smash Brothers and Star Wars. The series sees various characters from the Nintendo-verse acting out the events of the Star Wars movies, starting with Episode IV: A New Hope and going through to Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (though it is clear that there is an intention to complete the series at some point). Sorry Anakin fans, no prequels just yet. Combining one of the biggest film franchises of all time with a game like Super Smash Brothers may seem a little bizarre but creator James Farr perfectly aligns the two franchises to create a parody that is both brilliantly done and fantastically entertaining.

Donkey Kong as Chewbacca. It just makes sense.

The first instalment of Super Smash Wars– titled A Link to the Hope– was released back in 2013 and Farr has continued the series throughout the years until the most recent addition to the series based on The Last Jedi. The series has some awesome animation and there is clearly a lot of love for the source material- both Star Wars and Super Smash– from Farr. One of my favourite elements of the fan series is how perfectly Farr has cast the Nintendo characters in their Star Wars roles. These include Princess Peach as Princess Leia, Mario as Han Solo, Link as Luke Skywalker and Princess Daisy as Rey. It is clear that there was thought put into what characters would play who and it works ridiculously well. My personal favourite pick of the castings is Baby Mario as Kylo Ren who- during the recreated moments from the movies when he is throwing a tantrum- lets off those godforsaken and painfully irritating cries. Genius.

Check out the very first instalment of Super Smash Wars below and for the whole series and some more cool animated video series’, have a look at James Farr’s YouTube channel here.

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