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‘The Super Mario Bros Super Show’ is Becoming a Game Thanks to This Talented Animator

The Super Mario series has no shortage of fan made creations thanks to the likes of the Super Mario Maker games and the internet in general. However, one fan is going above and beyond to create a new kind of Mario game. Animator Jesus Lopez-who has worked on a number of games such as Shantae: Half Genie Hero and Ducktales Remastered– is developing a game based on the animated segments from the 1989 Super Mario Bros. Super Show! He has been working on the project for almost three years with the help of his young children and the result is so far amazing.

Lopez’s designs perfectly reflect the characters from the show.

Lopez has based the art style of off the animated segments of the show entirely, with Mario looking exactly as he did in the series. Even more impressive is that the overall level and background animations are also in same lively colourful style as the cartoon. In a video by YouTuber SwankyBox, a level called Pasta Land is showcased and is to no one’s surprise is designed with pasta in the mind, with forks twirling paste around them littering the landscape as well as pockets of pasta sprouting from the ground.  This land was seen in the show as well and Lopez’s attention to detail to correctly reflect the original design of Pasta Land is nothing short of amazing.

Pasta Land is also a faithful recreation of the scene from the series.

What is most striking about Lopez’s work is that his animations are entirely hand-drawn, similar to the style of the aforementioned Shantae game that he worked on. It is refreshing to see this style utilized so well in a world where computer animation and digital special effects are taking over. His talent as an animator is highlighted in his work but his dedication to the Mario series in all of its forms is also prevalent.

More of Lopez’s work on the character designs.

Jesus still has more that he wants to do with his fan project so to check out more of his work, have a look at his YouTube channel here.

You can also check out SwankyBox’s video on the project below.

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I love playing mario games, it reminds me of the old days

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