Super Mario and The Animaniacs Collide in This Fan-Made Animaniacs Intro

by Antonia Haynes

The recent Animaniacs reboot on Hulu means that the wacky Warners brothers (and the Warner sister) are making a comeback in every sense of the word. The nineties cartoon sensations are going viral due to their dry wit and topical yet still cartoon-like manner of poking fun at everything and anything. With this newfound popularity comes the obligatory fan-made content. I recently mentioned an awesome recreation of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot within Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and we now have another Nintendo crossover for the Animaniacs: the Super Mario Brothers and Animaniacs mash-up.  

YouTuber Daniel Wagner remade the original Animaniacs intro from the nineties nine years and it became his most popular video. With the Hulu reboot, he decided to do the same thing and reboot his own video by recreating the new Animaniacs intro with the Super Mario characters. The rebooted Animaniacs intro isn’t all that different from the original one- it has updated animation but the song is almost the same except with a few line changes to make it a little more self-aware of its reboot status-and the same can be said for Wagner’s fan-made intro. It references his original creation but is a little more polished.

The whole concept works so well, especially the casting. The Super Animaniacs video- as Wagner has titled it- features Mario as Yakko, Luigi as Wakko, Princess Peach as Dot, Bowser Jr, and Bowser as Pinky and the Brain as well as a cameo from Sonic as an internet troll. With references to Nintendo’s deals with Illumination and Universal Studios and nods to other Nintendo properties like Pokémon and that terrible animated Legend of Zelda series, this mashup is pretty much perfection. Check it out below and head over to Daniel Wagner’s channel for more cool content.

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