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Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda Collide in This Amazing Breath of the Wild Mod



We’re back with more fantastic fan-made content that truly boggles the mind because it is just that good. This time, we’re looking at a YouTuber who creates mods for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by the name of Waikuteru.

Waikuteru’s latest mod is in development but will be available to try out as early as December 18th. In the mod- called the “Throwback Expansion”- is inspired by the iconic Super Mario video game Super Mario 64. The trailer for the unofficial mod shows Link exploring the Whomp’s Fortress level from the classic Nintendo 64 title. Waikuteru has perfectly replicated the level with the Breath of the Wild game engine. They have even thrown in that classic Super Mario 64 music too for that extra little bit of nostalgia. I’m always blown away by the creativity and vision that fans can have for games that they love and how this leads to them creating their own mods and other content. Waikuteru has done just that, bringing two beloved Nintendo franchises together in one awesome looking mod.

Waikuteru will be releasing the mod for free on December 25th– Merry Christmas and all that- but take a look at the trailer below for a glimpse of the project. Make sure to head over to Waikuteru’s Patreon too if you want to support their incredible work.

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