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This Super Famicom Switch Skin Is Incredible

It wasn’t too long ago when dbrand, a company that makes custom vinyl skins for a variety of devices, warned Nintendo Switch owners to avoid buying a wrap for their device since it could damage the outer coating of the device. The allure of pimping your Switch and giving your console a complete makeover is something I can understand and it’s too bad a lot of these third party manufacturers don’t always produce something that won’t damage your system. Perhaps that’s why Pop Skin produced a vintage-themed variant of the classic Super Famicom design, and wow is it stunning! This fan-made skin covers pretty much every inch of the Switch console, the front, the back, the Joy-Con controllers, and even the dock. It’s baffling Nintendo hasn’t released their own special themed skins yet considering the demand for it. There’s no doubt they can really cash in on retro themed skins for the Switch. I guess in the meantime, the rest of us can try and get creative and create our own designs. Check out the images below. Enjoy!

via Kotaku

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