‘Stray’: The Game that Lets You Solve Mysteries as a Cat

by Antonia Haynes

In yesterday’s blog, I talked about the upcoming indie thriller game 12 Minutes. The game will be published by Annapurna Interactive, who has published several fantastic indie games such as Sayonara Wild Hearts and Donut County. Whilst we are on the topic of Annapurna Interactive, now seems like a good time to discuss another upcoming game that they will be publishing: Stray.

Stray was announced back in June at Sony’s Future of Gaming Reveal Event for the PlayStation 5. As I said, the game is going to be published by Annapurna Interactive.  It will also be developed by French-based Blue Twelve Studio. Stray is a bit of a bizarre one (which are honestly my favourites). The player takes on the role of a stray cat in a Cyberpunk style futuristic world populated with robots. Humans appear to have disappeared from this world- or perhaps have been wiped out- as suggested by some graffiti in the trailer which states “RIP Humans”. The premise is certainly a unique one. The official synopsis of the game on Steam reads, “Lost, alone, and separated from family, a stray cat must untangle an ancient mystery to escape a long-forgotten cyber city and find the way home”.  The idea of creating a world where humans appear to no longer exist is fascinating enough but allowing you to experience this world through the eyes of a cat is all the more interesting. Of all the possibilities for this fictional sci-fi world, I absolutely love that the developers have chosen a cat as the protagonist. The possibilities are definitely exciting.

On the PlayStation Blog, Creative and Game director of Blue Twelve Studio- known simply as Viv- discussed the project, detailing the setting, concept, and the support they had received from Annapurna Interactive during development. You can read the whole blog for yourself here but one comment, in particular, struck a chord with me. When discussing the exploration element of the game, Viv mentions that you are able to take the stealthy approach to avoid being seen or “you can just meow endlessly to annoy them”. Much like the Goose from Untitled Goose Game, I rather enjoy being able to cause problems on purpose in video games. I am all for it.

Have a look at the teaser trailer for Stray below. The game will be coming to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and the Steam store for the PC in 2021.

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