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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Behind the scenes



Recently the D23 Expo in California may have been expecting the new teaser for the Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie, but they were treated to the next best thing.

The video featured all the aliens, ships, explosions and action that will most likely be in the new movie.

Director Rian Johnson and long-time star of the franchise Mark Hamil had unveiled a behind the scenes look at the newest Star Wars addition. The movie is set to be released worldwide in theatres on December 15.

The video features a lot of slow motion explosions of the Resistance’s X-wings and A-wings. The main cast returns both with old and new faces. They will not only give the older fans something to feel nostalgic over, but newer fans can also be able to appreciate how Star Wars has evolved over the years before getting a closer perspective of the newer characters introduced in The Force Awakens.

Throughout the behind the scenes look, the actors carry a powerful message about just how different the new movie might be. Not to mention the late Carrie Fisher talking about the movie being about family. It was bittersweet seeing her there, especially since she’d been a big part of the original family that had given flight to the sci-fi franchise 40 years ago.

There’s a lo to see behind the scenes. The moment of Rey offering the lightsaber to Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamil) is where The Force Awakens left off, but there is a slight change in The Last Jedi where he is seen wearing darker clothes. Could this mean he’s had a brush with the Dark side?

The video has a lot to offer fans such as various instances that Rey (played by Daisy Ridley) wields the iconic blue lightsaber as she runs alongside the water, supposedly training (possibly with Luke?) and the possible fight scenes that will be in the movie itself. Rey features in most of the footage, which makes it good to see another powerful female character leading the way. The shot at the end of Rey with a hood over her might suggest she’s becoming a Jedi? It would be a bit early to tell, but the movie poster looks like that of Luke in The Return of the Jedi.


Both images depict the lightsaber being held straight up, dividing itself into two. But what separates The Last Jedi is that there is a contrasting yet predominantly red colour scheme over both the faces Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) above Rey, both divided down the middle by the blue lightsaber transitioning into red. The poster makes it seem as though there is a far stronger presence of the Dark side than before, especially since Luke – as the movie title suggests – is the last Jedi to be in existence.

Regardless, what some fans may be a little disappointed about is whether the behind the scenes video would help answer any of the speculations made by the official teaser released in April earlier this year.

The answer doesn’t seem that straightforward. Both give a lot for people to make guesses over what the movie is about. The best way to see would be to see the movie on December 15 to find out. Thankfully it will be in theatres before Christmas.


Lauren Berichon is an aspiring writer and Journalist that gives a voice to the minority and writing about popular culture. While not studying for her Bachelor degree in Journalism, which she is going to finish by the end of this year, she is seen writing novels, playing Neverwinter with her brother and being a Dungeon Master for her Dungeons and Dragons roleplay group.