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Star Trek: Picard: Seven of Nine Returns

by James Baker
Seven of Nine Picard

Who would have thought the galaxy could be so complicated? There haven’t been so many different side stories developing since Jean-Luc Picard went undercover on Celtris III, back when he was a captain. Now an admiral, Picard finds himself in further chaotic situations, and not least because of a fan favorite, Seven of Nine, introduction in episode Resistance is Revenge.

The Federation is known for its benevolent approach to galactic politics. Indeed, even in a life/death situation, Picard will always follow the moral procedures cast down like scripture from a divine being. Curiously, the Federation’s stance is important throughout the episode, particularly due to the sinister nature of Freecloud. However, this is an episode dedicated to the past, present, and future of Seven of Nine, which starts with the conclusion of Icheb; the Borg ties the Next Generation to Voyager and back to Picard in a unique triological way.

As the name of the episode suggests, Resistance is Revenge is all about revenge and that is what Seven of Nine is after. To this, Picard is merely a useful vehicle towards this goal, helping her get to Freecloud and avenge the death of Icheb. Fortunately, both Picard and Seven of Nine are seeking Bjazyl (who harvests Borg parts) for different reasons, which results in an unlikely collaboration.

It is the mistreatment of those who were formerly part of the Borg collective that is a recurring theme of Star Trek: Picard, and with that in mind, Seven of Nine fits in to the narrative like Locutus in a cube. In many ways, the oppressors have become the oppressed, with former Borgs being treated like a commodity rather than a human needing rehabilitation. With the story arc of Soji on an abandoned Borg cube, and the Romulan refugee crisis that’s slowly bubbling under the surface, there’s a recurring theme of coercion and persecution.

Now with Seven of Nine firmly in Star Trek: Picard, it will be interesting to find out how she ties in with Soji when all the story arcs join together. Many fans theorize that Soji is the Borg Queen in waiting, a connection that fits remarkably well considering how intertwined she is with the Borg; the disconnected Borg certainly showed a lot of fear towards her. With the former Borgs being mistreated, there’s plenty of scope for Soji to eventually lead some form of rebellion. The only question would be her links to Data, which would make the theory less likely.

However, the episode did confirm that Picard does still feel he’s lost some of his humanity since he was assimilated into the Borg. Picard’s connection with the Borg is going to be tested heavily in the next few episodes, and after his connection with Dahj, if Soji is the Borg Queen in waiting then Picard is in more danger than anything the Romulans could muster. Indeed, with the Romulans now mostly refugees across the Alpha Quadrant, it wouldn’t be dubious to assume they might be the most in danger should the Borg return.

Obviously, this is mostly speculation. With Seven of Nine now some form of a bounty hunter, Picard with an ironic French accent, Raffi failing to reconcile with her son, and Dr. Jurati murdering Maddox at the end of Resistance is Revenge, the galactic soup is being stirred in ways in which the finish is anyone’s guess. What will be worth watching out for is not only Dr. Jurati’s connection to the androids but also a potential connection to the Borg. Whatever happens next, Jean-Luc Picard is now submerged in a mess of potential problems, and neither he or us know just how much.

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