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Stadia Wave Podcast #6- Launch Day, Baby!

A couple of days after launch, the Stadia Wave Podcast boys are back to bring you their opinions and hot takes on the newly released Google Stadia service. This podcast, the gang discusses all the excitement and intrigue leading up to the big release day and well into Google’s launch day woes. What actually happened? How could Google avoid problems like this in the future? Do their fans and early adopters still trust them? Why did codes really take so long to get out?

Ty also drops knowledge about his first impressions on Google Stadia both on mobile and through a Chromecast. The guys ask questions and get the true facts about Stadia’s latency, graphics, and controller. Is negative latency a big, noticeable deal on the service? Did it matter that Destiny 2 wasn’t really 4k? How does multiplayer work on a handheld device?

As usual, the podcast reaches a constructive high note when the future of Stadia is discussed. Where does everything go from here? Will games go on sale during Black Friday? Will Google disappear into the shadows and never be seen from again? 

Also discussed is the upcoming game awards and the squad’s hot picks for GOTY. The gang learns that Ty didn’t even play 2018 GOTY title God of War yet. What will Raheel and Tony pick?

Tune in to the Stadia Wave podcast on the second and last week of every month to catch the gang bringing their hot takes and opinions on the upcoming Google Stadia platform. Find the Stadia Wave Podcast on Podbean, iTunes, and Spotify.

Hosts: Ty Davidson, Raheel Israr, and Tony Ornelas

Edited by Ty Davidson

Written By

Ty is here to talk gaming and chew bubblegum, but he's all out of gum. Writer and host of the Stadia Wave Podcast, he is an Animal Crossing Fanatic, a Mario Kart legend, and a sore loser at Smash. Add him on Switch @Creepshow101, PSN/Live at Grimelife13, or Stadia at Grimelife and play!

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