Stadia Wave Podcast #5- Fitbit Fitness on Stadia?

by Ty Davidson

One week from launch, the Stadia Wave Podcast guys are hitting the mics to talk about the only real relevant news that Stadia fans have to look forward to. With the Fitbit buyout by Google, Stadia could see fitness and motion tracking support for a variety of games and applications. OSwear has lots of potential for Google, but Fitbit ups the ante. Ty offers his hot Stadia podcast take on a possible game that could revolutionize the fitness experience on the system. Could it work? Does anyone know a developer? How would it translate to a Stadia experience?

With high hopes in mind, the guys also discuss how Stadia will work out of the box on launch date. Download times and hardware issues are supposedly a thing of the past with Google Stadia, so the real worry is stress on the servers. With so much at stake, could Stadia set the scene for the future of cloud gaming?

The guys also bring up some recent Blizzcon announcements, all while trying not to get banned in China. Will there ever be a WOW on Google Stadia? Will loot boxes still be a massive source of revenue, even with cloud gaming?

Tune in to the Stadia Wave podcast on the second and last week of every month to find the gang offering their hot takes and opinions on the upcoming Google Stadia platform. As always, you can find the Stadia Wave Podcast on Podbean, iTunes, and Spotify.

Hosts: Ty Davidson, Raheel Israr, Tony Ornelas, and Sean Giovacchini

Edited by Ty Davidson


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