Stadia Wave Podcast #4- Houston, Do We Have a Problem?

by Ty Davidson

This week, the whole Stadia Wave Podcast bunch is back in the building and talking about the service’s launch date, its controller specs, and new developments in subscription services. On the podcast for everything Google Stadia and culture, Ty, Tony, Raheel, and Sean are offering up some hot takes on the imminent launch of the most advanced development in cloud gaming technology. Google might be doing some things well, but there is also plenty of room for improvement. Will the industry see an incredible success or a failure to launch of an important product?

Stadia’s controller is also a hot topic. While some are worried about its Wifi woes, the bit of hardware has some interesting specs that may surprise even the most seasoned Google Stadia fan. But will the controller hold up with the next-gen experience coming in the next year? How do its specs stack up against current offerings?

Lastly, the podcast dudes discuss the terrible fan reception of the Fallout 1st service and its implication for subscription services in the gaming industry. With such meager offerings and an incredibly volatile community, what can Stadia do to separate its offerings from the “cash grab” tactics of other devs? Does Stadia even fall into the game subscription category?

Join the Stadia Wave Podcast guys on Goomba Stomp, Podbean, and iTunes every second and last Friday of the month to catch their thoughts and opinions on the most recent Stadia news and developments.

Hosted by Ty Davidson, Raheel Israr, Tony Ornelas, and Sean Giovacchini

Edited by Ty Davidson

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