Stadia Wave Podcast #3- There’s Actually News!

by Ty Davidson

The boys are finally back in town! After an extended absence due to vacations and beer drinking, the Stadia Wave podcast guys are hitting the ground running with some actual Stadia news. The gang gets to discuss the newly announced launch title, the scary nature of negative latency, and the “selling out” of the founder’s bundle. How will these affect Stadia sales? Will the news cycle actually pick up as we near launch? What will the final release date be for the system?

Conversation moves to discuss the newest video by Youtuber Dunkey, whose discussion of the 2000’s console war offers some great insights into the future of the market. How can Stadia compete with established video game companies? Is being first to market in cloud technology enough to keep them afloat?

Finally, the Stadia Wave podcast winds down with some treading back to the old conversation topic of marketing news and how to sell the software to consumers. Who is their target market? Why would they want to buy it? 

Tune in to the Stadia Wave podcast on the second and last week of every month to catch the gang offering their hot takes and opinions on news and culture for the upcoming Google Stadia platform. 

Hosts: Ty Davidson, Tony Ornelas, and Sean Giovacchini

Stadia Wave Podcast

Edited by Ty Davidson

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