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Squid Game Tops the Most-Searched Halloween Costumes in 2021



Squid Game

Are you planning on dressing as a character from Squid Game for Halloween? If you answered yes, we have some bad news for you.

Google has released its annual list of most-searched Halloween costumes and there’s quite a bit of change compared to 2020. Last year’s top trends included costumes inspired by the popular video game Among Us, Marvel superheroes, and the Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic.

This year, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Netflix sensation Squid Game, tops the list of trending costume searches, followed by Britney Spears, Carnage, and Venom.

This year’s list from Google is incredibly extensive too, showing the top 783 costumes people have been searching for. Needless to say, if the outfit you’ve chosen doesn’t appear on the list, you’re more likely to stand out and not see anyone else wearing the same costume. Here’s a brief breakdown of the most popular so far.

Squid Game Guard costume

Trending Halloween costumes:
Squid Game
Britney Spears

Trending Halloween couple’s costumes:
Trixie and Timmy Turner
Bonnie and Clyde
Skid and Pump
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Cosmo and Wanda

Squid Game Player's Costume

Trending Halloween baby costumes:
Squid Game
Little Red Riding Hood
Peter Pan
Addams Family

Trending Halloween dog costumes:
Squid Game

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