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‘Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ Texting Trailer Gives Us a Glimpse of the Narrative



Spoiler Warning for 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man

The internet is still up in arms about the redesign for Peter Parker in the new Spider-Man game, Spider-Man: Miles Morales. I had my own grievances about the redesign but let’s try and focus on the actual game and the promotional material that we are getting for it. It’s difficult I know as it is such a major change but we shall press on nonetheless. Insomniac Games recently released a brief teaser trailer showing a text message exchange between Miles and Peter and its chock full of memes as well as a little bit of information on what’s happened since the ending of the original 2018 game.

The texts show that Peter is still very much alive- facelift and all- and hanging back in Brooklyn whilst Miles has had an upheaval due to him and his mother relocating to Harlem following the death of his father in the first game. The first text we see is a message from Peter to Miles saying “We made it” followed by a picture of him and MJ. Alright, I know I said I wasn’t going to discuss it but I’m already breaking my own rule. It’s my blog post, I will do what I want damn it. Peter just looks too young for MJ here, who looks the same as she did in the first game. He looks like a teenager and she is still designed as a young adult. Also, I really wish they had Miles text back with something telling like “have you had a haircut or something?” Or perhaps a more straight forward, “Who tf is this and what did you do to Peter??” I digress…

Miles’s mother Rio is running for governor and his texts to Peter show that Miles is feeling overwhelmed by all the changes going on in his life. With his father’s death, his relocation, his newfound powers, and his mother’s change of career, perhaps the storyline will be dealing with the ungodly amount of pressure that Miles is dealing with. After a few spider-based emoji exchanges, Miles mentions Roxxon and that he is constantly seeing armed guards on their premises. Roxxon is a fictional energy company in the Marvel universe. It’s a massive conglomerate and so obviously, it is a pretty villainous faction in the Marvel world. Peter tells Miles to keep an eye on them as he doesn’t want another Oscorp on his hands. So Roxxon will be the bad guys I’m guessing. The exchange ends with Miles sending the pointing Spider-Man meme to Peter, with one of the Spider-Men dressed in Miles’s red and black suit. Memes included because these are young folk after all.

Not long to wait until you can play Spider-Man: Miles Morales for yourself (or watch the YouTube videos if you’re still looking for a buyer for your kidney so you can buy a PS5 like me) when it releases on November 12th for specific countries and November 19th for the rest of the world.

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