Sordid Cinema Podcast #535: Why ‘Parasite’ is the Best Film of 2019

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Parasite Podcast Review

The Sordid Cinema Podcast makes its return, with a new format that sees hosts Ricky D and Patrick Murphy taking a look at some of our favorite films over the years that may have flown under the radar for some audiences. This new version of the long-running show will focus more on discussion and less, on reviews, as we hope to examine the selections from a multitude of angles and break down what makes these films so special.

For our first episode, Ricky D has selected Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite, which landed at the top of Goomba Stomp’s list of the Best Movies of 2019. The guys detail their favorite moments from this genre-bending satire on class division that follows a poor South Korean family which scams its way into the employ of a wealthy household. Is Parasite the best film of 2019? There’s a lot to love and talk about, and we hope you enjoy it!

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