Sordid Cinema Podcast #578: Excalibur and Arthurian Myth

by Sordid Cinema

Excalibur (1981) Review

The legend of King Arthur has never been lacking in cinematic retellings, but none can compare to John Boorman’s gorgeous and thematically faithful Excalibur. From the vast and tangled web of source material, the director of Point Blank and Deliverance distills the epic myth down to iconic imagery backed by theatrical performances from young actors destined to be stars. This week the Sordid Cinema Podcast discusses the fantastic (and fantastical) filmmaking, dives into the lore, and admires the vision of clunky knights and a wily wizard, all bound together by primeval landscapes and a magical sword.

Join Rick, Simon, and Patrick as they debate the effectiveness of green lighting and ADR, compare Excalibur to another movie involving a quest for the Holy Grail, enjoy Nicol Williamson’s sly (and often hilarious) turn as Merlin, mourn the character of Gawain, and show off their knowledge of one of the most famous tales ever told. Whether you think it’s glorious or a little goofy, there’s plenty to love about Excalibur, so have a listen!

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