Sordid Cinema Podcast #577: White Men Can’t Jump— It Ain’t Easy Being this Good

by Sordid Cinema

White Men Can’t Jump Review

In 1992, Ron Shelton wrote and directed one of the greatest sports movies of all time starring a then relatively unknown Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrleslon who was previously only known for his work as the fifth lead in the popular sitcom, Cheers. On paper, White Men Can’t Jump shouldn’t have been a hit considering the lack of star power and the fact that the first 20 minutes of the movie revolves around a pickup outdoor basketball game— and yet, this unconventional sports movie became a box office success and helped popularize street ball across North America. There hasn’t been a sports film quite like it since.

This week on the Sordid Cinema podcast, we dive deep into the cult classic and discuss why the movie is just as much about the art of jive as it is about basketball and why this exuberant romantic comedy is as smart about playground basketball as Bull Durham was about minor league baseball.

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