Sordid Cinema Podcast #512: ‘Trainspotting’ 20 Years Later Special

by Sordid Cinema
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Trainspotting Podcast Review

Danny Boyle’s bravura and celebratory adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s seminal novel blew the socks off the British film industry back in 1996. A zeitgeist phenomenon, the stand-out film of that year’s Cannes film festival became an international box office success and since then, it’s routinely featured in best British film lists, while the public voted it the best Scottish film of all time.  The thing about Trainspotting is that we simply haven’t seen a film quite like it since. It’s exciting, energetic, thought-provoking, and never lets up. But what about Trainspotting 2? It’s impossible to catch lightning in a bottle twice, yet that’s what director Danny Boyle is trying to do with his belated sequel to Trainspotting. This week it’s our Trainspotting special!

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