Sordid Cinema Podcast #562: Airplane! Still Soars to Silly Heights

by Sordid Cinema
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Airplane! Movie Review

The spoof genre may have descended to near non-existence these days, but neither time nor inferior imitators have grounded what many consider to be one of the greatest comedies ever made. This week the Sordid Cinema podcast takes a look at 1980’s Airplane!, a top-notch example of what an amazing take-off looks like. With a story ripped straight from an obscure drama called Zero Hour! and a healthy sense of irreverence built up from 10 years of disaster movies, this story of an airline flight placed in peril by some rotten fish packs in so many jokes that it will be nearly impossible to see them all in just one viewing.

But who watches Airplane! only once? Surely, not Rick and Patrick (and we’re not calling you Shirley). Join us as we discuss some of the best gags, marvel at how close this film is to comedic perfection (oh, Johnny…), and muse about the potential future of the spoof genre. For all this and more, have a listen!

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