Sony Surprises Prompt PS4 Purchaser with a Prompt PlayStation 5

by Jason Venter
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You might recall Joey Chiu, a dedicated gamer who made the news in 2013 when he was first in line to buy a PlayStation 4. His next noteworthy acquisition was a PS4 Pro in 2016. And now we couldn’t help but notice he owns a PlayStation 5, which came with a seriously sweet price tag: $0.

On November 10, 2020, Chiu tweeted to share that he had just received an early PS5, which he reckons is “100% the craziest thing to happen.” Clearly, he was delighted. With the console came a special message from Sony recognizing his previous loyalty and noting that “patience is a virtue, this is for you.”

For most of the rest of us, the PlayStation 5 launched today, November 12, 2020. Lengthy lines in front of shops like the ones that gave Chiu his claim to fame are officially a bad idea and a threepeat was out of the question.

At launch, the PlayStation 5 launch lineup includes the likes of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Bugsnax, DIRT 5, and NBA 2K21, to name but a few. Judging by follow-up tweets on Chiu’s account, it sounds like he has spent his recent time playing the Demon’s Souls remake and Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition.

The system is available in the UK too, where another gamer tweeted to show a picture of a similar gift he received from Sony’s offices in that region. It kind of makes a person wonder if there are other gift PlayStation 5 boxes on their way to other Sony fans. What’s that sound you just heard? Could it be the UPS delivery driver walking up to your door with just such a package? You better go check!

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