Someone Modded Cappy Into ‘Super Mario 64’

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One of the biggest differences between Super Mario Odyssey and any Mario game that came before it is the inclusion of Cappy, Mario’s main partner in crime in the latest instalment of the series due out for the Nintendo Switch this October. Although Super Mario Odyssey isn’t the first game in which Cappy is physically present (his first appearance in a game is in Super Mario Run), Cappy plays a major role in Odyssey. Mario can throw Cappy in various ways; a straight shot, a circular throw, and a boomerang-like shot and help collect items or damage enemies. When thrown at certain enemies or objects, Cappy can also “possess” them, allowing Mario to control them to get across stages. As Patrick wrote in his preview, Odyssey (named after the hat-shaped ship that carries our little hero from one insane dreamscape to the next) is taking the Mario franchise to bizarre places it has never been. I’m sure every Nintendo fan can agree that the game looks amazing and if you can’t wait until Oct. 27 to play it, a modder named Kaze Emanuar, has already put the game’s signature feature into Super Mario 64. Watch the video below to see Cappy in action and get more info on how to play the modded version.

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