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A Side-by-Side Comparison of Stephen King’s ‘It’ Trailer and 90’s Miniseries



This year we will be receiving a new adaptation of Stephen King’s It, which is regarded as one of the most esteemed horror novels ever made, from director Andrés Muschietti along with actor Bill Skarsgård playing the infamously terrifying clown Pennywise.

The trailer for the new movie broke the record for most number of views for a trailer with 197 Million in just 24 hours, showing that fans of the original novel, and the 1990 miniseries which starred Tim Curry as Pennywise are excited to see what’s in store for them in this iteration.

After the release of the trailer, YouTube user Matt Skuta uploaded a video to his channel which compared the similarities of the trailer to the 1990’s miniseries, showing that director Andrés Muschietti has seemed to have made the film a faithful shot-for-shot remake with some minor tweaks, and differences to iconic scenes.

The scene where Georgie chases his paper boat along the gutter before losing it down the drain is very similar, with the exception of a little added humour of him hitting his head on a construction barrier. However, the scene comprising of the group of kids looking through an old photo album is replaced with a slide projector and makes for a much more effective, chilling sequence.

Apart from the dated feel of the 90’s miniseries, director Andrés Muschietti clearly has been given a bigger budget but he has also incorporated his own distinctive style into this version. Making the film feel nostalgic but also modern simultaneously, similar to that of Netflix’s Stranger Things or the movie Super 8.

Stephen King’s It will be out in theatres on September 8, but in the meantime, you can watch the comparison video below… if you’re brave enough.

Jayden Hausfeld is an aspiring Pop-culture/Video game journalist from Australia. When he isn't studying for his Bachelor degree in Journalism or fighting off all the animals that could kill him, he's generally playing video games or binge watching Netflix shows which take up the rest of his free time.