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Some Pokémon Appearances Are Evolving Courtesy of ‘Pokémon Home’

Some Pokémon, from common to mythic, look a little different thanks to Pokémon Home.



Pokémon Home, the highly anticipated cloud-based storage app, is finally here and players are wasting no time depositing their beloved Pokémon collections into its vaults and completing the National Pokédex for the new Oak-related professor, Grand Oak. The service has been full of surprises for users thus far, from the aforementioned Grand Oak to a hidden ability Pikachu and Kanto starter. Reports of even more unprecedented revelations continue to circulate as players inspect their collections within the service.

For starters, shiny Pokémon, rare color variants of each creature, are actually represented with differently colored sprites in the app. This is an enormous convenience for collectors curating their collection, players who make frequent trades, and many in between. Even more unexpected, players began to notice that certain Pokémon’s shiny variants have been visibly altered within the confines of Home and, presumably, Sword and Shield when they can be transferred there. Castform, for example, which transforms in certain weather conditions, was previously only visibly shiny in its normal form, much to the disappointment of its fans. Going forward, shiny Castform will have different coloration for each of its forms, making it a much more exciting addition to any collection.

Similarly, Minior, the “Meteor Pokémon” introduced in Sun and Moon, has multiple new shinies as well. Previously black, Minior, which already comes in one of seven different colors, has an equal number of darker, shiny variations dependent on the base color the Pokémon would be if not shiny. While the black shiny coloration was an eye-catching, stark difference, players with shiny Miniors have a fun surprise awaiting them if they elect to transfer the Pokémon to Home.

Even more curious are conflicting reports coming from players who’ve already compiled the National Dex in Pokémon Home concerning the ensuing mystery gift reward. Supposedly, the reward for uploading all 890 Pokémon into Home is the seventh generation, mythical Pokémon, Magearna. Some players, however, have reported receiving a rare version of the Pokémon previously unavailable to players while others are reporting receiving nothing at all. Magearna is unique in that it has two different appearances, its traditional grey and yellow coloring available in the Pokémon’s first distribution, and a highly sought after “Original Color” version from decades past according to game lore. Original Color Magearna, gold and red as opposed to grey, comes complete with its own shiny variant and was previously only visible in the anime, though known to exist in-game courtesy of a Sun and Moon era data mine. It’s this Original Color Magearna that has never been distributed and that some players are claiming to have received upon completing the National Dex.

Original Color appearance would be the more sensible gift to reward dedicated players who’ve collected the entire Pokédex, offering them an additional rare gem for their collection they couldn’t have legally obtained before. It’s likely simply a bug preventing players from acquiring this new (old) coloration for the mythical Pokémon, or, as some are quick to point out, perhaps the image when receiving the gift is errantly grey Magearna, but the Pokémon itself will be Original Color upon inspection.

As if that wasn’t enough news circulating around the “Artificial Pokémon,” Magearna, which exclusively just didn’t have a shiny variant, now has a proper shiny form, though still unobtainable, visible in data mined info in Home. Unsurprisingly, the variant matches the coloration of Lillie’s Magearna in the Sun & Moon anime and may mean the shiny will be available in the future, perhaps through Pokémon Go or a distribution event.

Adjusting shiny appearances isn’t without precedent, nor is the late distribution of a previous generation’s mythical Pokémon, for that matter. Many Pokémon’s shiny sprites have been subtly altered over the years, particularly early on, so it’s not particularly shocking to see particular Pokémon some much needed or welcome attention. To see Game Freak turn its attention to an older Pokémon like Castform does feed the small hope that some less-than-thrilling to hardly distinguishable shinies (Gengar and Garchomp anyone?) might get some fan sought amendments, but it’s far from likely.

Hopefully, the mystery surrounding Original Color Magearna will be fully sorted out soon, but, in any case, players have multiple newly colored shiny Pokémon to look forward to courtesy of Pokémon Home.

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