The Rick and Morty PlayStation 5 Ad is Exactly What You’d Expect

by Antonia Haynes

Rick and Morty are back once again to advertise something in the most Rick and Morty way possible. This time around it’s the next generation of PlayStation console that the animated duo have been paid a stupendous amount of money to advertise.

Clocking in at a short and sweet thirty seconds, Rick opens the advert by not even knowing what the console is called , referring to it as a “thing” and encouraging Morty to start talking about it as they have been paid a lot of money to do so. Morty quickly starts describing the PlayStation 5, focusing on how fast it is and the reduced loading screens. Rick then instructs Morty to “tell them the thing about the buttons” as he continues counting his hard earned cash. Morty actually explains the haptic feedback vibrations and resistance features of the controller really well here. That is until Rick yells at him for blocking the console from the camera. Morty complains that this is a really boring advertisement and that the console deserves more as it is a cool product. Rick’s response is a not that surprising if you know the character. He declares that they are done with the ad, encourages the audience to go play PlayStation 5 and then yells “**ck my *ss”. I’ll let you put the dots together for that one.

Rick and Morty have done several adverts in their time and they are usually pretty hilarious, poking fun at the whole notion of making tons of cash through selling out to various big name brands. Rick is usually just reading from a list of statements that have to be made about the product whilst counting his money and Morty is normally the unwilling party (though at least he seems a little more enthusiastic about the PlayStation 5). They have also done another PlayStation related advert with their collaboration with Hideo Kojima and his PlayStation exclusive Death Stranding last year. That one is one of my favourites, with Rick and Morty agreeing to try and eat the bridge baby as it could give them superpowers. You know, normal stuff like that. They’ve partnered with brands such as Pringles, Old Spice and Wendy’s too but my all-time favourite has to be one of the first adverts they did for Carl’s Jr and Hardees. The Carl’s Jr burgers run into Morty’s room at night and start yelling things whilst spraying sauce all over Morty and his room (one of the burgers can be heard saying “I don’t make jokes and that’s my catchphrase” as one of the stipulations in their contract was that the burgers could not make jokes.) I don’t know why, but watching the giant burgers start going through Morty’s drawers to steal things never fails to make me laugh. If you haven’t seen the various Rick and Morty ads, I’d strongly suggest checking them out. They might not make you want to buy the product but you’ll definitely get a laugh out of them. Good enough for me.

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