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Rhythm Game ‘Deemo Reborn’ Announced for PS4 and PSVR



The popular piano rhythm game Deemo has already been available on iOS and Android for quite some time with a Switch version recently released earlier this month. Back in May Deemo: The Last Recital was released for the PS Vita as an updated version with fully animated cutscenes as well as new competitive and cooperative modes.

Today Sony launched a new game label named Unties and, along with it, announced Deemo Reborn to be published under it. Not much is known about the new title besides the fact it will have fully 3D graphics and is being developed for the PS4. The most interesting bit of news to come out of this is the fact Deemo Reborn will have VR support, making it the first rhythm game to do so since the technology’s advent. What kind of support that will be, however, remains unknown.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

“We will be working on a new title for a next-gen home console! Rayark will be working on Deemo Reborn (Temporary Title) for Sony’s PlayStation 4 console, and the game will support PlayStation VR. The teaser is footage of the actual game running on the console. Please look forward to the game!”

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