Resident Evil Village Gets Not One, But Two PlayStation One Demakes

by Antonia Haynes

The Internet is currently on a Resident Evil high following the recent release of Resident Evil Village and with the attention, we get plenty of cool- and maybe a little creepy- fan-made content. I absolutely love when fans take high res games and decide to “demake” them by showing what they might have looked like had they been released twenty years ago for the classic consoles. Resident Evil Village is the latest to get this treatment and I found two fan-made demakes that particularly caught my attention.

The first comes from YouTuber Hoolopee, who has remade the trailer for the game to look like a PlayStation One game and the result is seriously convincing. It really does look like this could have been a 90’s horror game on the PlayStation One like the first Resident Evil games. I particularly like Lady Dimitrescu’s PS1 design here. Honestly, I find her way creepier here than I find her to be in the actual game. I think it’s that odd, fixed smile combined with the PlayStation One style graphics. The demake ends with a classic “You Died” screen and a little snippet of the PlayStation One Lady Dimitrescu character model busting a move. Didn’t know I needed to see that until now. Awesome work Hoolopee!

The next demake is another PlayStation One style take on Resident Evil Village and it is a little longer. It comes courtesy of YouTuber Jackarte, who has done an incredible job with the demake. The scene remakes the cut scene wherein Ethan- the games protagonist- questions a creepy witch as well as the cut scene where he meets Lady Dimitrescu and her three daughters, including that moment where she drinks some of Ethan’s blood. If it’s even possible, the insanely tall vampire is even creepier looking in this demake. I love it. You have to respect the work that goes into creating these demakes. They kind of make me wish that whole games could be recreated in this demake style. Brilliantly done Jackarte.

Make sure to check out Hoolopee on their YouTube channel and Twitter and Jackarte on YouTube at the link here.

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Davey May 20, 2021 - 5:58 am

Both smashed it. Grew up playing PS1. Pure nostalgia


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