This Resident Evil 3 Mod Asks Why Use a Gun When You Could Use A Cat?

by Antonia Haynes

Modder and creator of cool 3D renders and fan art Marcos RC is back at it again with the hilarious and creative video game mods. I’ve discussed Marcos RC’s work here on the blog before with his amazing inclusion of CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas within Devil May Cry 5 (seriously, go check it out). This time around, the game in question is the Resident Evil 3 remake and the question being asked is, what if a gun was also a cat? Mind blowing stuff.

The mod replaces the assault rifles used by the Resident Evil 3 protagonists- Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira-  in the game with a cute little kitty cat. This cat will meow repeatedly as bullets fly from its mouth. Totally normal sentence right there. On his Twitter account, Marcos RC posted that the mod came about simply from boredom. I really wish I could have that level of creativity when I was feeling bored. I will include the Tweet from Marcos RC below with a link to the download for the mod, as well as a short clip of the cat spraying bullets. I’m sure Nemesis is shaking in his boots.

Check out Marcos RC’s Twitter and Patreon here for more cool mods, art and 3D renders.

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