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‘PUBG’ vs ‘Fortnite’, ‘Jettemero’ and Making A Video Game On Your Own – Fist Fight, Ep. 6

This week we try something new, by deciding to argue over Fortnite and PUBG. Then we talk with the developer behind Jettemero: Hero of the Universe and see how he made it all on his own.



This week we try something new, by deciding to argue over Fortnite and PUBG. Then we talk with the developer behind Jettemero: Hero of the Universe and see how he made it all on his own.

You can also get each episode on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Intro – 00:00

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds vs Fortnite Debate – 01:00

Jettemero: Hero of the Universe Interview – 31:35

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Watchmen Podcast: Breaking Down “Little Fear of Lightning”



Watchmen Podcast Episode 5

This week, Watchmen delves into Looking Glass’s past and revisits one of the biggest events from the comic: the “interdimensional” squid attack on New York that kills over three million people and psychologically damages millions more. “Little Fear of Lightning” the finest hour yet, a focused character study that connects past and present in fascinating ways. And as always, there’s a lot to digest.

Our Watchmen podcast will see Simon Howell and an assortment of guests tackle the entire series (or at least the first season). In this fifth episode, Simon Howell, Sean Colletti, and Randy Dankievitch, take a deep dive into “Little Fear of Lightning” and note some of the more astonishing facts of the episode you might have missed.

And for those of you wondering, in order to keep things simple, we’ve decided to upload each episode to the same feed as our other podcast, Before the Internet.

Listen here on iTunes or listen here on Stitcher. 

You can also catch our show on Pocketcast and on Spotify, or simply listen via the player embedded below.


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Nintendo Podcast

NXpress Nintendo Podcast #185: The Importance of Visuals, and the Pokemon Backlash

Plus a review of indie game, ‘Woven’



Pokemon Sword and Shield Podcast Review

It’s a cozy episode this week on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, as Tim and Patrick are joined by…no one! However, that doesn’t mean the guys don’t have plenty to talk about. Patrick kicks things off with his review of Woven, a pleasant — if blurry — stroll through a woolen world that young gamers should especially enjoy. The cheery, fairy tale atmosphere overcomes the simplicity of the gameplay, but could those fuzzy visuals have made the relaxing experience better and more accessible?

This question leads into the second segment, which finds Tim and Patrick discussing the issue of the importance of game visuals, and how tied they can be to the success of certain games. Sure, everyone loves eye candy, but when do cutting-edge graphics matter more than gameplay, and vise versa? Would games like Luigi’s Mansion 3 or Breath of the Wild be less effective with lesser looks? Does anyone care that Fire Emblem: Three Houses isn’t the prettiest game on the Switch?

Of course, Pokemon Sword and Shield have lately received their fair share of criticism for a perceived lack of major upgrades in the visuals department. In the third segment, the guys take a brief look at this issue, attempt to determine just where the outrage came from, and whether they agree with it. For all this and more, have a listen!


LFXIV – NXpress Intro
Nintendosage: Woven Review
Woven Trailer
Main Event: The importance of visuals in games
Pokemon Sword and Shield soundtrack
Bonus Content: Pokemon Sword and Shield backlash
Pokemon Sword and Shield  soundtrack

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Game Boys

Game Boys, Ep. 169: Of Pets and Peeves



Earned or not, there’s been an unceasing uproar in the gaming community centering on one controversy or another for what feels like ages. From Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s Pokédex controversy to disatisfaction with Death Stranding, there seems to be no reprieve from gamer rage in general, and the Game Boys are fed up with it. This week, their biting back and sharing their biggest pet peeves in all of gaming. What are the positive takeaways when looking at gamings biggest announces? Find out!

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