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Live Out Your Dreams Of Actually Owning A PlayStation 5 With The PS5 Simulator Game



PS5 simulator

When game developer Alex Grade couldn’t afford a PlayStation 5 of his own, he didn’t sit around and mope about it or keep whining about it in a blog like myself. Instead, he did the next best thing. Using his game dev skills, he created his own game where you set up a brand new PlayStation 5.

In the game, you receive a package delivered to your door with your brand spanking new PlayStation 5. It’s the stuff dreams are made of honestly. You then get to work setting it up, cables and all. The physics are pretty damn impressive too. The official description of the game lists “Top notch graphics without RTX” as well as “Physics almost everywhere- Newton would not be happy about it” and “Worst cable management…just like in real life”. Grade is nothing if not honest about the console set up experience.

The creativity and ingenuity of this idea is pure genius, not to mention the positive spin on the situation that most of us gaming folk are dealing with in regards to affording the next generation of console. At a time where a lot of us are dealing with even more financial difficulties than usual, Alex Grade’s PS5 set up game is a great way to remind us all that we aren’t alone. But seriously though Sony, give this guy a PlayStation 5. He deserves it.

To download Alex Grade’s PlayStation 5 set up game, check it out here.

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