PS Games as a Type of Dating

by Drew Williamson

Dating and Gaming…

For many people, 2020 has become a period when all the fun is at home. For this reason, PS4 sales have increased this year, despite a next-gen console launching soon. The popularity of games has also grown due to the fact that many couples prefer it to watch movies and a romantic dinner because this allows you to immerse yourself in the exciting world together. We’ve put together a list of games that will work for you and your soul mate, and we will also explain why you should buy a second Dualshock.

1.) Add variety to your dating

According to comments on variety in dating is pretty important. Not many couples will be happy if they go to the same restaurant every weekend. Gaming would add sparks to your relationship. This is an activity overloaded with excitement, a white-knuckle ride with captivating scenery, and scenarios that change constantly.  You can experience all of the thrills and spills of your favorite games at home, taking breaks for refreshments or romantic interludes.

You can watch classic movies together more than once, but for most, as soon as you’ve become acquainted with the plot, it loses its appeal. Games are unique because the outcome is never the same. The storyline is often in your hands, its twists and turns dependent on choices you make. There will be various levels to master, allowing you to enter different realms as your expertise develops. There is never any danger of monotony creeping in, because not only does each game vary, there are so many to choose from, with hotly-anticipated new titles or upgraded versions being released every week.

Some games are ultra-realistic, with Dualshock controllers creating extra layers of sensory experience, while Virtual Reality headsets create a truly immersive experience.

If you feel like altering the tempo of your date, put the consoles down and enjoy an equally-popular genre, interactive movies. As you play, you can eat tasty snacks, washed down with your favorite wine or beer.

2.) New common interests.

There is so much more to gaming than just getting engrossed in pixellated images for a couple of hours, shooting up aliens, outwitting zombies, or outrunning police cars during high-speed chases. Consider these statistics. Three-quarters of every US household has at least one gamer in the family, and over 160 million adults play regularly. The industry itself is worth billions, more than the film and music industries combined. If you and your partner can count yourself amongst these legions of gamers, you don’t just share a hobby, you are enjoying one of the key cultural phenomena of the modern age.

All relationships thrive when there are common interests, and gaming is something that can keep you occupied, even when you’re not playing. You could chat about aspects of a particularly exciting game, or when you hear about hot new releases via TV adverts or the buzz on social media, you can join in the discussion. You might browse through the possibilities by flicking through screens. Why not make a whole day out of purchasing your next games? You could head into the store, stopping off somewhere else en route, such as a coffeehouse, restaurant, or bar, where you could converse about all the enthralling scenes you will be able to explore. There are game plans to be made, tactics to discuss.

3.) Best PS games for couples

A Way Out

Assist Leo and Vincent in their daring bid to break out of prison. This is fantastic for dual-enjoyment because the screen splits into two while you control the characters separately.

Overcooked 1-2

This one can get crazy! You cooperate by preparing meals in weird restaurants, gathering ingredients, cooking outlandish meals. At one point you prepare salads in a hot air balloon.

Unravel 2

You are in charge of two ‘yarnies,’ creatures made from red and blue yarn, who connect via loose ends, then chase a spark. But events take a dark twist when you help children escape the clutches of abusive adults.

Rayman Legends

Here you focus on a painting of a medieval landscape but are instantly sucked into this fantastical parallel dimension. A set of madcap adventures begin!

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