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Prototype of Cancelled SNES ‘Rayman’ Available Now, Approved by Creator



The recently found nearly 25-year-old prototype demo for a cancelled Rayman game for the Super Nintendo is now available to download and play. This ROM dump comes with the blessing of Rayman creator, Michel Ancel.

Officially dumped by @ocornut over at Twitter, it features a plump looking Rayman traversing a 2D platforming world similar to that of the completed version (released in 1995 for the PlayStation and Atari Jaguar). According to Michel Ancel, a more complete version of the prototype did exist at some point but has not turned up. The file is available for download via a Dropbox linked posted in a tweet:

Of course, the ROM file for this early build requires a SNES emulator to work, and there’s no shortage of those, so how about giving it a whirl?

Recent years have seen a resurrection in Rayman’s 2D escapades, with the latest being a mobile game for iOS. Maybe, as Ancel apparently jokingly said last year, we’ll see the vision for this cancelled game fully realized. But, that’s probably little more than wishful thinking.

Source: i4u, RayCarrot

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