Primal Fight Bears Striking Resemblance to Iconic Super Metroid Battle

by Mike Worby
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A fight from the latest season of Genndy Tartakovsky’s jaw-dropping animated odyssey, Primal, has some stunning similarities to a memorable boss battle from the seminal SNES classic, Super Metroid.

If you’re unfamiliar with Primal, it concerns a caveman and a dinosaur struggling to survive the harsh prehistoric age and its many threats. With no dialogue whatsoever, Tartakovsky does basically all the heavy lifting, utilizing his signature style to tell a gorgeously animated yet wildly brutal tale of survival and perseverance.

Split into two parts, Primal just finished the second part of its first season last sunday. However, fans who have been keeping up on the series may have noticed a distinct similarity between the episode ending fight from a few weeks back and a battle from one of their favorite Super Nintendo games, Super Metroid.

“Plague of Madness”, the seventh episode of Primal, sees Spear and Fang faced with a plague-ridden Brontosaurus. Mad with a disease that seems to be a cross between radiation poisoning and rabies, the beast chases the pair relentlessly, smashing through forests, canyons and cliffs along the way.

Just as Spear and Fang reach a pit of molten geysers, finally sure of their escape, the beast breaks free from its prison and chases them into the dangerous minefield. Running for their lives, Spear and Fang are only saved at the last minute when the ground falls away and the beast is consumed by the magma below.

As the pictures show, the similarities between this scene in Primal and the boss battle from Super Metroid are uncanny. Right down to the grisly final moments when the near skeletal beast strikes back from the pits, the resemblances between the two are impossible to ignore.

Though we couldn’t find any evidence that Tartakovsky plays video games, the similarities are still there, coincidental or not. You can check out the mirrorism between the battles embedded above and below.

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