Filip Hodas’ Incredible Post-Apocalyptic Pop Culture 3D Artwork

by Antonia Haynes

If like me, you are a big fan of all things related to movies, television, and video games, this artwork is sure to turn your head. Artist Filip Hodas created these 3-D renderings about three years ago and they still remain some of my favourite 3D art of all-time. Hodas depicts several pop culture figures including various characters, items, and game consoles in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian setting. The figures are rusted and ancient with some covered in graffiti and overgrown with foliage. The premise is simple but Prague based artist Hodas has executed it amazingly well, highlighting his insane talent as an artist and skill with 3D rendering.

I’ll post his awesome art below.

The head of Bender from Futurama sits alone in an overgrown forest. The chain attached to him and his slightly scary eyes just add to the awesome creepiness.
The head of Bender from Futurama sits alone in an overgrown forest. The chain attached to him and his slightly scary eyes just add to the awesome creepiness.
Oh, how the mighty have fallen in “The Old Mouse”. Mickey Mouse may be the head of one of the world’s largest corporations, but here he is reduced to just a head. See what I did there?
Titled “Konashi Shrine” this depicts No- Face (Kaonashi in Japanese) from Spirited Away. This one is strangely fitting, with No-Face perfectly blending into the overgrown wilderness.
“The Monsutaboru Colony” shows two huge and dilapidated Poke Balls in a desert setting. Could this be a world of giant Pokemon who have broken free of their balls, destroyed their masters, and taken over the world?? Alright, I’m reaching a little but this is still brilliant.
“The Last Trooper” is another piece capturing a desolate pop culture figure in an overgrown forest setting. This is particularly eerie but also kind of relevant to the actual Star Wars series. The more recent Star Wars films and television series- such as The Mandalorian– have shown old and decaying Stormtrooper helmets due to their downfall. This looks like it may well have come from a galaxy far, far away.
Possibly the creepiest of these pieces, “Bikini Bottom” is a tad nightmare-inducing with a giant, decaying Spongebob staring blankly with his trademark grin. I’m uneasy just looking at it.
A large and lonely Pac-Man is the star here. It is kind of sad seeing an iconic gaming figure looking so desolate.
This one isn’t so much of a pop culture figure. Instead, it is an item that is somewhat revered in our society, making it a pop culture icon. The good old Happy Meal from McDonald’s. I love how this one looks kind of like a mini-factory or something of the sort. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if one of these things actually cropped up one day. Also, I’m loving the Heinz ketchup barrels. Such a cool touch.
Similar to the McDonald’s piece, this one shows a large, rotting Coca-Cola can. Again, this looks kind of like some kind of mechanical object with various wires jutting out. Super cool.
Space Invaders hold a place in pop culture and Hodas captures the big bad alien from the game really well. I love that it is floating too. It makes it feel like a proper alien invader.
These creepy, sinking mushrooms from Mario are amazing and look kind of mechanical. I love the little question mark box in the water too.
“Ancient Gameboy” looks insanely cool, kind of like a structure more than a console. This is emphasised by the smoking chimney pots, ladder ascending the console and railings around what looks like live electricity coming from the screen.
“Schwifty Saucer” is somewhat more recent and depicts Rick’s spaceship from Rick and Morty. The detail is really cool here.
Hodas creates Space Stations out of the classic PlayStation consoles here. Again, this is a really clever and cool idea that Hodas has executed fantastically. There’s a memory card too!! I love these so much.

For more of Filip Hodas’s work, have a look at his various social media accounts here.

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Society6 Store | Behance

“Ancient Tetris” has a Stonehenge quality to it, a super clever move from Hodas.

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