‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ Reveal trailer!

by Ryan Gulliford
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The highly anticipated news announcement from Pokémon graced our devices today in the form of a Pokémon Sun and Moon reveal trailer! In this article we’ll be looking at its key points and interesting features as well as providing our overall opinion! So let’s break it down…

Our Protagonist

 The first thing to talk about is you, the player. In the early stages of the trailer, we get the classic shot of the protagonist in his bedroom, fully equipped with TV and Pikachu toy. Also to add on to the trainer topic, different versions of how the protagonist looked throughout the trailer were shown, confirming the trainer customisation which was widely received back in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.


Hawaii confirmed?

Another important shot in the trailer is the part giving us a hint as to where the game is based! Our main protagonist is greeted (most likely in the beginning segment of the game) by a local named ‘Kukui’ who says “Welcome to paradise, cousin. This is the Alola region!”. Here we have confirmation of the newest region to be introduced to the Pokémon world. The word ‘Paradise’ combined throughout the trailer with shots of beaches, totems and flowery styled shirts, puts a solid claim on the location of Hawaii.  Personally, its exciting to see how Pokémon has included the modern city feel with much more meaningful, historical traditions of this beautiful place.


Arguably the most important part of the trailer reveal, we got a look at the three newest companions you will have to choose from to start your Pokémon journey in the Alola region. The trailer gave us a clip of the three starter Pokémon being presented to you for selection, as well as a bit of information about them. For the grass type, we have a grass/flying Pokémon called Rowlet, for the fire type selection, we have Litten and finally water, Popplio. All three are shown in the screenshot below. As for the community’s response to the starters, it is fairly mixed. Some have already made responses to the trailer stating that the starters are ‘ugly’, personally I don’t think the Pokémon are particularly vulgar, but at the same time they aren’t particularly appealing to me either. Let’s hope the evolutions of these starters live up to the hype!

Starter pokemon

Legendary Pokémon

Also included in the trailer was a short and sweet reveal of the legendary Pokémon created for each of the games. Considering these Pokémon are a large part of the end game storyline, they certainly live up to expectation on their looks. For Pokémon Sun we have a bright and bold Pokémon resembling a lion, creating a striking sense of authority and power. For Pokémon Moon we have a flying and possibly dark type Pokémon, with a very complex and mysterious look to it. The clip of its special attack striking a sense of power and beauty amoung viewers. Overall, very exciting stuff indeed…

Last but not least

 Finally, we got a cover art reveal and release date! November 18th will be the day for all the Pokémon trainers, breeders, contest competitors and Pokémon masters to get excited for. Overall, I’d say the trailer was a good insight into the newest instalment into the Pokémon world, giving the community lots of information to thrive and speculate over. While some of the community aren’t too impressed with how Sun and Moon looks, only time will tell and the trailer certainly lived up to the hype.


So! Let us know what you think and which game of the two will you be getting? The trailer can be found here


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