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Keep Cosily Cocooned With This Giant Pokémon Sleeping Bag

There is a plethora of Pokémon merchandise available worldwide, ranging from the awesome- such as the Snorlax bean bag- to the downright bizarre, like the clear bouncy balls with Pokémon trapped inside. I remember wanting to cut them out when I was little because they looked like they were suffering. Maybe it was just me who was weird and not the product itself. I digress, the piece of merchandise I’m going to be talking about here kind of sits on that fine line between weird and wonderful.

The Metapod sleeping bag is not actually just a sleeping bag. It is also a onesie, a plush and sort of a cushion too. It can’t really be defined as it is far too complex for our simple labels. It is too glorious for that sort of primitive thinking.  Side note: I  love the choice of Pokémon here. Metapod is a well-known Pokémon for my fellow 90’s babies. Metapod is Caterpie in its evolved form and can evolve into Butterfree once it reaches level ten. Metapod doesn’t really do much. It just uses it’s harden move to protect itself. That’s about it. The use of such a nonplus Pokémon for such a large merchandising product is pretty hilarious. Bravo to the marketing team on that one.

The Metapod sleeping bag/ cushion onesie thing is being sold as a “Premium” item on Bandai’s website but unfortunately, it is already sold out. Head over to their website to have a look and keep an eye on when they may be might be back in stock. The product isn’t set to start shipping until April 2021 so more stock is possible. Metapod will set you back 35,000 yen- which is around $332 dollars or £250- but I think we can all agree that it is certainly worth it. Now please enjoy these hilarious marketing photographs for the Metapod plushie. This model is living his best life and I’m jealous.

Why can’t this be me?

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Antonia Haynes resides in a small seaside town in England where she has lived her whole life. She's a simple girl with a passion for zombies, writing, film, television, drawing, superheroes, Disney and, of course, video games. Her ideal day would consist of junk food, fluffy pyjamas and video games because quite frankly going outside is overrated. Follow her on Twitter on @RainbowMachete

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