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Pokémon GO Gets a High End, In-Game Fashion Collab with The North Face and Gucci



If you’re a Pokémon fan who is also into your high end fashion brands, then this collaboration is sure to peak your interest. It’s definitely an unexpected one, that’s for sure. Gucci, The North Face and Pokémon have come together to create some exclusive items for the Pokémon Go app.

Luxury fashion house Gucci and well known outdoor clothing brand The North Face have teamed up with Pokémon Go, launching a collection of exclusive clothing for your in-game avatar. These items will be available at a select few PokéStops worldwide, mostly in large cities such as Sydney in Australia, Tokyo in Japan, Hong Kong in China, New York City in the United States, Toronto in Canada, Rome in Italy, Madrid in Spain, Munich in Germany, Paris in France and London in the United Kingdom to name a few. Sorry to my fellow Brits though as London is the only city we have a Gucci PokéStop in and as we are currently in lockdown once again, it may make it trickier for you to obtain them.  The game itself does note to make sure you abide by local legislation due to the pandemic on their website, so no breaking the rules to go to a PokéStop! Imagine trying to explain that one to the authorities. I just had to have that Gucci backpack for my Pokémon trainer, officer! Why are you handcuffing me?

The various clothing items- including hats, shirts and backpacks- are available now as the event began yesterday, January 4th. The items are available at PokéStops located at specific Gucci Pins in the game- pop up shops that appear in certain parks and stores around the world. To see the full list of cities that you can obtain these items in, check out the official Pokémon Go blog on the event here.

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