‘Pokémon GO’ Beta Gameplay Has Leaked!

by Ryan Gulliford
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Yes, you read the title correctly! Yesterday the internet received video footage of gameplay from the much anticipated Pokémon Go for iOS and Android users. This is very big news indeed…

The leaked video in question is a full 8 minutes long and contains a large number of features we can expect from the game. While the footage will most likely be taken down from YouTube soon enough, we’ve been all over it to inform you about what’s in store. The first thing revealed from the beta gameplay is customization of your character. As with traditional Pokémon games, you have a choice of male or female character which you can then customize in great detail. As well as gender, you have control over all clothing, bags and body features.

Now into the more exciting stuff. There will be a leveling system in place, with which you then gain XP for catching Pokémon, hatching eggs (more on that in a moment), as well as other activities. Staying with character features for a second you also have real time data collected about you, such as the distance you walk, your movement, as well as the items you collect and your Pokédex. As for Pokédex data, all that was revealed from the gameplay was only generation one Pokémon, however this would probably change come the full release of the game. Now as I mentioned earlier you can hatch eggs! This feature is particularly interesting as the eggs will have a set real distance in order for them to hatch, in the case of the one shown it was 1km, personally this is one of the more exciting features.


Leading on from the topic of egg hatching, there are several real world points you can scan using your mobile camera and you will be rewarded items such as Pokéballs, and eggs! Also with the use of your camera, you can bring the Pokémon you see on your map to life, simply using your phone to start the encounter directly in front of you – as shown in the screenshot below. The graphics of catching the Pokémon are particularly cool, seeing them on your pavement one minute and the next they zap into a Pokéball. Also if you prefer not to use your camera, you can capture them using the virtual world instead.


Another interesting feature revealed by the video is GYM battling. From what is shown, you assign yourself to a particular team and you then set up a battle, the aim being for a team to have dominant control over the GYMs. This also leads on to battling, Pokémon will have assigned moves and there are battling graphics put into the game, so not only will you be catching Pokémon, but battling them too!


What do people think?

So far there wasn’t a great response from the community, with people commenting on the video saying its not what they wanted from a Pokémon game or that it seems like a rushed project. There is also negative feedback in the respect of players wanting to catch Pokémon traditionally, by weakening them first not just throwing a ball and catching them every time. However, it is just the beta and many things are still unknown to us about Pokémon Go, overall I would say it looks good and I am definitely excited by the video, which (if the footage hasn’t been taken down) can be found here.

So! Be sure to let us know what you think about Pokémon Go and if you are as excited as we are…

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