You Saw The Pokémon Themed Metapod Sleeping Bag, Now Prepare Yourself for the Gengar Tongue Bed

by Antonia Haynes

You may recall a Metapod sleeping bag that took the world by storm not too long ago. Well now, the very same company that created that beautiful piece of art- Japanese company Premium Bandai- are now releasing a Gengar “Sleeping Companion”. Because when you want to get a good night’s sleep, Gengar will always be there. Watching and waiting.

This picture is on a whole other level of product photography.

The Gengar plushie’s main feature is a giant, pink and plush tongue that measures five foot five in length. It’s literally the size of a person and so it can easily be used as a bed. Or a blanket. Or a pillow. Or just wrap yourself in it if you feel like it. The promotional pictures are even more hilarious than the Metapod one, showing the model doing all of these things and more. He even sticks his head inside Gengar’s mouth at one point, because why not? Whatever they are paying these models , it is seriously not enough.

I really want to hear the direction the behind this photo.

The Gengar “Sleeping Companions” will cost 25,950 yen- which translates roughly to $250 or £183- and is set to release in June time in Japan but he is already out of stock on Premium Bandai’s website. Check out all the details on their site for more and to keep an eye out for when Gengar and his massive tongue are back in stock.

Absolute comfort.

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