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Pokémon Crosses Over with Disney’s Lilo and Stitch in This Awesome Artwork



Fan-made crossovers are some of my absolute favourite kinds of fan content and the crossover art from Twitter user @Konnestra that I want to talk about today is so creative and works excellently well. Konnestra combines two of the biggest franchises in the world- Pokémon and Disney- in their fantastic fan art. Let’s take a look at their work.

Any Disney fan- or fans of cute, animated characters in general- will likely know the iconic imagery that is Stitch from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch. Known for his unique, alien like yet still adorable character design and eccentric behaviour, Stitch has become a mascot for Disney since his first appearance in the 2002 classic animated movie Lilo and Stitch. In the film, Stitch is known as “Experiment 626” and is created by a mad, alien scientist”. Following the success of the film, a whole franchise was born and this included an animated series which focused on Lilo and Stitch trying to track down the other 625 experiments. These experiments all had recognisable designs in relation to Stitch but were unique in their own way. This is what Konnestra has done with their fan art, redesigning certain Pokémon to make them look like Lilo and Stitch style experiments.

I absolutely love these redesigned Pokémon,-which includes Pokémon such as Scorbunny, Marrill, Alolan Raichu, Popplio, Zigzagzoon and more – as Konnestra perfectly replicates the defined art style of the experiments whilst also making them instantly recognisable as the Pokémon that they are. Konnestra also posted a clip of their TikTok with a redesign of Pikachu, which is again very well done  and demonstrates the artists talent and their creativity.

Make sure to check out Konnestra on their Twitter account as well as their TikTok.


Pikachu but as an experiment in the Lilo & Stitch universe! #Artchallenge #pokemon

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