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PlayStation 5: What Games Might We See With The Launch?



With the release date of the PlayStation 5 finally confirmed for the holiday season 2020, one of the burning questions surrounding the hype is what games we will be getting with the consoles launch. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities for games coming to the PS5.

What Will be the PS5 Launch Title?

Spider-Man 2

Despite Insomniac not officially confirming a sequel to last year’s Spider-Man game, there is no doubt that a follow up game is sure to come to about at some point. Spider-Man was one of the biggest games of 2018. As well as being a critical and commercial success with multiple DLC instalments, the game won multiple awards and set a precedent for superhero games in general. The game itself teased further villains such as Green Goblin and Venom and also hinted at a team up between two Spider-Men- Miles Morales and Peter Parker-so a sequel is as good as certain. With the PlayStation 5 coming relatively soon, a Spider-Man sequel may well be a launch title. However, this would mean that there would be just over two years between the release of the first and second game. This seems unlikely due to average game development time being around three to five years and sometimes more. I have no doubt that there will be a Spider-Man sequel released for the PlayStation 5, but it is uncertain as to whether a second game would be ready in time to be a launch title.

God of War 2

The situation with a possible sequel to the 2018 God of War game is pretty similar to that of Spider-Man. There is no sequel officially confirmed but the huge success of the title as well as various teases in the game and from developers  suggest that there is no doubt as to whether a sequel will be coming in the future. Again, the same issue arises. The game was released in April 2018 and two and a half years does not seem like enough time to complete the sequel to one of the best games of 2018. It is unlikely to be a launch title but as with Spider-Man, I’m certain we will be seeing God of War 2 on the PlayStation 5.

Metal Gear Solid Remake

The first confirmed game coming to the PlayStation 5 will be a title from Bluepoint Games. Although it hasn’t been confirmed exactly what this game will be, Bluepoint are known for their remasters of PlayStation games. Some of their remasters include the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, the God of War Collection, Shadow of the Colossus and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. If the title they are working on is indeed a remake (which seems incredibly likely) Metal Gear Solid would be an obvious choice. Fans have been wishing for a remake of the very first Metal Gear Solid game for a long time, so much so that one dedicated fan is going about remaking the game within another game called Dreams.  An official remake would be a great way to introduce old and new fans alike to the PlayStation console and the Metal Gear Solid franchise. There are also other options for possible games Bluepoint may be working on. Popular PS1 titles such as Twisted Metal or Silent Hill could get remakes or perhaps a PS2 title such as Ico (Bluepoint Games already made HD remasters of both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus). Then again, the game might not even be a remake. Whatever the game will be, it is likely to be a huge title as one of the first games announced for the next generation of the PlayStation console.

Some kind of Uncharted game

In terms of story, it is difficult to see how Uncharted could go any further. The fourth game wrapped up nicely with a time skip that showed Nathan settled down with a family. However, the franchise is incredibly successful and one of PlayStation’s most renowned series of games.  It is difficult to imagine it being left completely alone when the next gen comes about. Whilst a direct sequel to the core series is highly unlikely, a standalone Uncharted game may be possible.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2

Again, a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is assumed like God of War and Spider-Man. The game was a huge success with critics and fans and it made a good deal of money too but a second game has not been officially confirmed. Some recent job listings for developers Guerilla Games combined with the success of the first game suggests that a new HZD is on the way. The first Horizon Zero Dawn was an original title rather than an adaptation or sequel. This gives the game some uniqueness in comparison to the other two popular PS4 games, making the sequel a slightly more interesting choice for a launch title. The timing of this could also work out well for the game to be released as a launch game. The first game was released in early 2017 so a sequel at the end of 2020 would make sense. I personally would love to see a sequel come as a launch game for the PlayStation 5 as the original Horizon Zero Dawn was a brilliant game with a likeable protagonist, engaging combat and interesting story.

This is all just speculation at this point of course. With a new generation comes a new plethora of possibilities when it comes to games to accompany it and it is all rather exciting. Make sure to stay with us for more on the PlayStation 5 when we hear it.

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