A Recent PlayStation 4 Patch Has Greatly Improved Some Loading Screen Wait Times

by Antonia Haynes

With the PlayStation 5 only weeks away, there seems to be some preparation occurring within the current generation of PlayStation console. Users have reported significant increases to the loading times for The Last of Us: Remastered and Until Dawn.

The scale of the change to the loading times can be seen clearly in the YouTube comparison video by channel ElAnalistaDeBits. The video shows that the patch has cut downloading times for The Last of Us: Remastered from a minute and a half to less than 14 seconds. This is likely due to preparation for the game to be transferred to the PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility. Of course, that is only speculation at the moment but it seems pretty timely and coincidental for this to be rolled out so close to the PlayStation 5 release date. It is also convenient that this update has been applied to two games that have specifically been announced to be backwards compatible (as well as being first-party Sony games).

The other title with a quiet yet prominent upgrade is Until Dawn from Supermassive Games. Twitter user VizualDze tweeted a clip that showed that the game no longer has any loading screens at all. Now that is impressive. Sony has used the speed of the PlayStation 5 as one of the key selling points, with a fair amount of their marketing focusing on the high-speed SSD that can load 5GBs of data in a second. These improvements are only a fraction of what the PlayStation 5 promises to offer in terms of immediate play but hopefully, we will continue to see these kinds of updates for the PlayStation 4. That way those of us who can’t afford the PlayStation 5 just yet can still experience the wonderful world of no loading screens. For exact information on what has been updated, check out the Orbis Patches website which allows you to search for the most recently updated games.

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