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Pikachu Cosplaying as Godzilla is an Actual Figurine You Can Buy



I do love a good crossover– whether it’s in fan art, animation or any other medium- and this one is spectacularly random. Hard Shell Studios are releasing various figurines which mashup the Pokémon franchise with Godzilla. Because why not, I guess?

There are two Pikachu figurines available for pre order: Regular Godzilla Pikachu and Mecha Godzilla Pikachu. They are both pretty adorable, with regular Godzilla Pikachu adorably splashing through some water whilst knocking over buildings and holding onto a cargo ship. Mecha Godzilla Pikachu is a little different, with an angry yet still adorable expression as he is surrounded by flames and destroyed buildings. Just look at those tiny, clenched fists! So cute.

Hard Shell Studios clearly have plans for more Pokémon figurines too, as a promotional image- which features both the Godzilla and Mecha Godzilla versions of Pikachu- has two silhouetted figures as well as a cartoon image of a Raichu- Pikachu’s evolved form- in a costume. I can’t actually tell what character Raichu is meant to be cosplaying as here but I’m assuming a similar figure with Raichu in this get up will become available soon. The silhouetted figures could be anything, but it looks like the final image could be a King Ghidorah cosplay, perhaps from a dragon like Pokémon such as Charizard?

Unfortunately but not surprisingly, Godzilla Pikachu is already sold out but you can check out the official website to purchase him on here if you want to check when he will be back in stock. Mecha Godzilla Pikachu is still in stock at the moment so have a look at the website here.

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