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Phil Spencer is Next Up in the ‘Animal Talking’ Hotseat



I recently wrote a blog about the appearance of Selena Gomez on Animal Talking– a late night talk show created by Gary Whitta (a screenwriter who has worked on The Book of Eli and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) hosted entirely within the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game. It would seem that Animal Talking is still attracting plenty of guests from across the gaming community as well as in the entertainment industry in general.

Phil Spencer- executive Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft and current head of Xbox- will be the next to sit down with Whitta via the wholesome and charming world of Animal Crossing. It is no surprise that Spencer would want to promote Xbox and Microsoft at the moment as it is a big year for them, with the Xbox Series X being released at the end of the year. However, I am surprised that it is via Animal Crossing due to it being a Nintendo product for the Nintendo Switch console. Nintendo and Xbox are technically rivals after all. It is always good to see different companies supporting and encouraging one another. Spencer clearly has a great respect for Nintendo and enjoyment of Animal Crossing to be willing to take part in the show.

Phil Spencer will take to Animal Crossing to be interviewed by Gary Whitta in tomorrow’s Animal Talking episode.

Spencer will be joined by Grammy award winning musician Lisa Loeb and actor and ex Disney channel star Dylan Sprouse, showing again just how diverse the guests of Animal Talking are. Gaming industry legends, well-known actors and award winning musicians are all coming together to share their passions and Whitta is making that possible through his awesome Animal Crossing show.

The next episode of Animal Talking– featuring Spencer, Loeb and Sprouse as guests- is out tomorrow, August 12th via Whitta’s Twitch, linked here.

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