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Mystery Solving Cats Are The Stars of An Upcoming Open World Game



It seems like cats are at the heart of many a media project as of late. The Lion King is close to breaking a billion at the box office and the trailer for the upcoming adaptation of the musical Cats is gaining a lot of publicity (not positively so but I digress) so I’m not that surprised that a Kickstarter video game project from last year is gaining some traction.

Peace Island is an open- world adventure Kickstarter game created by Eric Blumrich which lets you take on the role of nine separate cats as they attempt to solve the mystery of Peace Island, that being finding out where all the humans have disappeared to. The games narrative is an important part of the game, with Blumrich referring to it on the Kickstarter page as “an interactive story-driven experience which will focus on discovery and exploration, rather than combat.” Some are referring to the game as Grand Theft Auto with cats, but Blumrich’s commitment to creating an explorative open-world game with felines seem like a more soothing experience that the high octane GTA world. The lack of violence and fighting isn’t too surprising, what with the game being titled Peace Island. The inclusion of cats as protagonists also makes the combat element less likely, minus a few scrapes with mice perhaps.

Peace Island made almost double its Kickstarter goal during its funding period of July to August 2018, receiving $13,098 with a goal of $7,000 from 345 backers. The game also has a Patreon which has attracted over 1,000 patrons. In a world where the video game market has become over saturated with shooting, fighting and general mayhem and destruction, Peace Island looks to be a breath of fresh air that could refresh the open-world genre and bring something completely unique to the table.

Have a look at Eric Blumrich’s latest YouTube video on the game below as well as some links to the various websites for the game. Peace Island will be available for PC and Mac but it currently does not have a release date.



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