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Could ‘Paralives’ Be The Next Big Simulation Game?



Alex Massé -developer of the upcoming indie simulation game Paralives-recently released a new video detailing some cool customization in regards to Paralives. The clip- called “Meet Sebastian”- shows off a new “Para” (the in-game controllable characters) named Sebastian who was created with the help of the Patreon community. This community has been active in their support of the development of the game. The clip shows how Sebastian can be customized, from tattoos to body size and facial hair. The sheer amount of choice that this clip shows got me wondering- could Paralives be the next big simulation game to rival the corporate EA giant that is The Sims? Let’s take a look to see what Paralives has to offer and how this compares to The Sims.

Pets and Weather From the Get Go

Whilst players had to wait for the pets addition for four years after The Sims 4 released, Paralives will have pets immediately available.

As addictive and fun as The Sims can be, it has established a bit of a reputation for adding content in extortionately priced DLC that could easily have been included in the base game (that’s EA for you). When Paralives is released, weather and pets- cats, dogs, and horses- will be available immediately. Cats and Dogs and Seasons were included later on after the game’s release as highly-priced DLC. Whilst this may have been unavoidable due to the large scale of both DLC packs (Cats and Dogs comes with the ability to set up your own veterinary clinic and Seasons includes specialized holiday events and goals), there is no denying that it is frustrating to have to pay a significant amount for aspects of a game that can be added relatively quickly. Paralives is being created by an indie developer who could probably do with the money a lot more than a game giant like EA and yet these features are included straight away at no extra cost.

Crazily Detailed Customisation

Customisation goes into great detail in Paralives. This can be said for The Sims too but it all comes at an additional price.

The Sims has a fair amount of customization available but to get the most out of your experience with the game, you have to purchase at least a few of the DLC packs- be it an expansion pack, game pack or stuff pack. Only when you have all of the packs (the cost of which would come to probably more than $100) do you have all of the various customization options in the latest Sims game, which is frustrating to say the least. Paralives will have a huge level of customization available upon release. From the length of your curtain rails to how much hair you want on your Para’s chest to the colour of their hair tips and roots to their height (I have been waiting FORVER to be able to customize the height, I am so excited), Paralives offers so much all within the base game.

Sometimes it takes an indie game to show the huge developers how it can be done and I have a feeling that if Paralives delivers on what it promises, it could be the game to do just that to EA with The Sims. The indie title has huge potential and if you are a fan of simulation games, I would suggest checking out their official website for more details. Alex Massé also has that Patreon I mentioned beforehand with various rewards for donations so I will link that here if you are interested in contributing towards the game.

Paralives does not have a release date yet but it will be coming to the Steam store on PC and Mac at some point in the future.

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