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Overwolf’s CurseForge App Will Include Minecraft Mods and More with Its Public Beta



Overwolf’s CurseForge App Will Include Minecraft

Overwolf has been a long been an all in one software platform that is super handy for those who use mods frequently when gaming. Designed to help both creators and developers when making extensions and mods for their games- allowing them to design, build and monetize their mods and app- and users of their games, Overwolf recently expanded their services with their acquisition of the CurseForge app from Twitch. With this acquisition comes an expansion of services, including a public beta that will include everyone favourite world building game Minecraft.

There are so many mods available for Minecraft– from little things like allowing for flight to much bigger extensions such as the creation of tons of new and diverse worlds- and with the CurseForge app players will be able to maintain their mods and add-ons as well as discover brand new ones. The CurseForge app will also support World of Worldcraft mods- CurseForge’s most prevalent partnership- and other games too. The app is dedicated to the PC and Mac so if youre a fan of extending your games with various mods and extensions, CurseForge and Overwolf could be right up your street. The CurseForge app will have various improvements such as enhanced search functionality and intricate side bar navigation with more features planned to be added later on.

For more on Overwolf and CurseForge, check out the official website.

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