Overwatch Fan Creates Realistic Versions of the Heroes Using Artbreeder

by Antonia Haynes

Artbreeder is a pretty amazing creative tool that can be used to create fascinating, original images and one video game fan decided to take this online tool and use it to create images of what the Overwatch characters might look like in real life. This is why I love the gaming community.

Reddit user u/_m0us316_ made the below post, showing their attempts to make realistic character designs of what the Overwatch characters might look like via Artbreeder. It is only the human characters though of course. I mean, it would literally just be a picture of a gorilla for Winston, a hamster for Wrecking Ball and some metal tin cans for the omnic characters Bastion, Orisa and Zenyatta. I love looking at pictures of animals as much as the next person and cans are great and all but it wouldn’t make much sense in the context of a realistic portrait.

The results are some pretty accurate representations that are both impressive and a little creepy. They kind of have that uncanny valley feel to them. That being said, I actually love some of these designs and think they represent the characters really well. My favourites are Baptiste (he looks so close to the character design), D.Va (where my fellow D.Va mains at?), Junkrat (how does he manage to look so normal and yet so not normal at the same time), McCree (oh no. He’s hot), Young Reaper/ Gabriel Reyes (even hotter), Sigma (this is one of the most realistic ones in my opinion, right down to the hairline), Sombra (she’s so pretty and the hair is spot on!) and Symmetra (that bone structure though). This is another great example of how fans can create awesomely creative content when they have enough passion.

Check out the entire Reddit thread below.

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E December 25, 2020 - 4:21 am

They should make a live action film series of overwatch, I think it would look great if they could get actors looking like the ones in the photo. I’d also love to see character bonds on screen if it happened, like the all meeting up or something. Coolbeans.


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