Two Upcoming Overwatch Art Books Could Suggest That Overwatch 2 is Coming in Late 2021

by Antonia Haynes

It feels like a lifetime ago when Overwatch 2 was announced. Back at Blizzcon in November 2019- back when conventions where a thing that could actually happen- Blizzard surprised Overwatch fans by announcing a sequel to their worldwide 2016 smash hit multiplayer title Overwatch. Since then, we have heard absolutely nothing about the games development or a release date. Despite the radio silence, two art books listed on Amazon could potentially suggest a release window for Overwatch 2.

Twitter user Overwatch Naeri posted the Amazon listing for “The Art of Overwatch, Volume 2” which is set for release in October of 2021. I then did my own research into the art book and found the listing, so the pictures I will post will be the ones I found myself. There is a particular line in the description of the book that catches the eye: a promise of a “sneak peek at Overwatch 2”. Could this be a hint that the game could be coming in the last few months of 2021?

During my research, I found that another Overwatch art book is also due to be released in 2021. “The Cinematic Art of Overwatch, Volume Two” is also listed on Amazon and is set to come out in July 2021. This book focuses on the cinematics shorts associated with the game but the description also has a small nod to Overwatch 2, “Covering all the official Overwatch cinematics made from 2017-2020, including the Overwatch 2 announcement trailer”. Companies often tend to release these art books either a few months before or around the same time as the actual game. Although these books don’t promise tons of Overwatch 2 content, this is still the most promising suggestion we have to the games release so far. Here’s hoping we get something concrete soon!

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